Monday, September 29, 2008

Many Faces of Isaac

Check out this handsome little guy...

Just after a nice bath...

A nap on the couch; don't we all wish we could do more of this?...

I'm ready for my close-up!...

Go away, bad dream!...

Yes! Peace, at last... in my bouncy chair. Perfect.

Izzy - on the field

She goes by many names... Isabelle, Belle, Stinky to name a few. But on the soccer field, she's Izzy! She is much more aggressive on the field than her siblings were at this age and a hoot to watch. In a league of 5 & 6 year-olds, she is one of the shortest ones out there... but don't tell her that! She has no problem getting in there with kids almost 2x as tall. Go Izzy!

One particularly funny story is while she was running down the field with her team mate (who had the ball), the coach yelled, "Izzy, go to the middle!" (meaning he wanted her to go near the goal so her team mate could pass it to her) She instantly made an about-face and ran to the middle of the circle... at MID-FIELD! She did it... she "went to the middle"!

She doesn't get to play goalie all that often - her favorite is fullback - but when she does, the gloves are a must! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eleven Days of Fun!

Eleven Days Old Today!

Taking a bath at home... and surely happy about it.

Look out ladies... we've got a looker!

Isabelle, Brenden, Victoria & Isaac on his first outing - Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Now that's a motley crew! (still at the Inner Harbor)

Ah... the perfect ending to a perfect outing. Sweet dreams!

School Days!

Isabelle started Kindergarten this past week - and Amy is none-too-excited about her being gone for a full day. Izzy, on the other hand, is having a blast! Equipped with all her supplies and donning a new outfit for the first day (thanks, Nanny!)... this little spit-fire is ready for anything!

Brenden finds himself in 4th grade this year! His favorite 'subjects' are P.E. and Recess, for sure... and probably Math. He likes his teacher and will hopefully warm up to other academic subjects as well! Oh, and Amy takes credit for his first-day-of-school clothing... sheesh. Whatever team THAT is (insert evil laugh by Gene)!