Monday, November 2, 2009

The last month of summer!

We began the month of August with Brenden's 10th birthday. Our family, and Steve and Adri Ann's family headed to Altoona, PA. for the weekend to see Gene and Steve's grandparents. We celebrated Brenden's birthday day in Altoona and then had a friends and family party a few days after we got home. I can't believe Brenden is ten!!! He will be going to middle school next year. Because we weren't at home for his birthday day we got Brenden a Boston cream doughnut(Brenden's favorite) for his cake. I really think he liked it better than the actual cake. We were even able to fit all ten candles on the doughnut, as you can see in the picture below!! :D

He is pretty proud of himself for blowing out all ten at once! LOL
While we were in Altoona, we went to the outback for dinner. We requested two booths, and we put all the kids in one both and the adults and babies in the booth behind it. It was great!!! The kid's waitress was AWESOME, she pretty much took care of the kids for us and we got to enjoy the meal without taking care of the kids. We left her a really big tip. I'm telling you she really did it all!!!! She is seated with the kids in this pic.

Gene has decided we are going to be an equal opportunity family with NFL football teams. The kids went with my NFL team, and love the broncos, but we have decided to be nice and cheer for the redskins too. If you notice in the pictures above brenden has on a redskins jersey, that is what Gene gave him for his Birthday. The football cake has a skins helmet on one side and a broncos helmet on the other side.
Isabelle taught herself to ride a bike without training wheels. I tried to help her, and Victoria tried to help her learn, but Isabelle is too strong willed. So instead of fighting her I finally told her to just do it herself. It only took her about 10 minutes and she was doing it with no problems.

At the end of August school started. I love the first week of school because the kids are sooo excited to go that they are up and ready without any whining and complaining. All three kids are in full day school, just like last year. Kindergarten is all day here so this year is not a change for any of the kids.
Brenden is the big man of the school, this year he is in 5th grade.

Isabelle is going into 1st grade, but that isn't much of a change because she did all day school last year too.

Victoria thinks she is sooo big this year because she isn't a little 6th grader!! You gotta love the drama that comes with a girl! ;)

Isaac turned one on August 28th. I can hardly believe that my baby is one. We are sooo glad to have in our family! He is defiantly our little miracle. I don't know if he is ever going to walk because he doesn't need to with 3 older sibling doing everything for him.

We wrapped Isaac's present with a blanket because it was too big to wrap and easier for him to unwrap with just taking the blanket off. He didn't know any different. Isaac loves little Einsteins, so we got him this ride on rocket that has the Einstein characters that ride on it, and it makes all kinds of noises.

Here is Isaac opening the rest of his gifts from friends and family.

Gene and I made Isaac a little monkey cake for his birthday. I think the cake is almost as big as him.

I couldn't resist putting this picture on here. This kids is so dang cute!!

We also made him a cake in the shape of the #1 with his name on it. This was Isaac's personal cake to destroy and eat. I did not let him eat the whole thing!!!