Monday, December 21, 2009


Friday they were calling for a snow storm to come into Maryland that should bring 8 to 12" of snow. By Friday late afternoon they were calling for 10" to 20". I was glued to the weather channel to make sure it was really going to happen. The problem with Maryland is they call for these big snow storms and then they never come, so I have to watch the weather channel to make sure that they do come! :) Friday night at about 10:00p.m. we started getting some snow. At 5:00 a.m. I got up to look out the window and make sure that it was still snowing, and it was. It was a continual snow all night and then all day on Saturday. It was small flakes so it didn't look too crazy! By midday we had a good amount of snow. At about 4:00 I went and tried to measure, but I only made it a few steps and measured close to the house, and at that time it was measuring about 16". It snowed until about midnight Saturday night. They say that we ended up with about 23" of snow, and we are loving it. Here are some pictures during the day, and the next day!

This is the top of Gene's car after he had cleared a little bit of it off!

Gene preparing himself to dig us out! I was nice enough to let him do all the work!

Isaac checking out snow for his first time ever!

Pretty much he looks like the kid from the Christmas story. The things we do to our children just to get a picture!

Gene slowly introducing Isaac to the snow.

Brenden and Isabelle all bundled up and ready to go and play in the snow!

Isaac in his snow hat!

Poor kid!!! But he is darn cute!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's never too late!!

I have decided better late than never. I want to blame my lack of posts on the holidays, but really that is just a good excuse. Really what I want to do is yell at my dear, lovely husband and tell him that he started this dang blog so he should contribute in posting!!! Here are some pics from Halloween. We were lucky enough to have nice weather, which meant we got to go trick or treating for a long time. Trick or treating for a long time means LOTS of candy. We have this awesome deal in our house that you get to pick your top 10 or 15 favorite treats to keep to yourself, and then the rest of the candy goes into a big bowl to "share"! :) I think it is a great idea, and I came up with that one all by myself!

Brenden and Brianna as ninjas

Isabelle as my little Dorothy, I even splurged and got her ruby red slippers!

Isaac dressed up as two different things, on Halloween night he was the lion, and Isabelle was Dorothy!

Victoria was a "dead model" ?? Don't ask, I have no idea, we just smile and nod!!!!

Here is our little stinker!! I bought this costume when I found out I was pregnant. It was a GREAT deal at children's place. But when Isabelle decided to be Dorothy, she also wanted Isaac to be the lion. Luckily we had two Halloween parties to go to, so he got to wear both costumes.

Seriously the cutest skunk I have ever seen! :)

Brenden and Brianna Getting the guts out of the pumpkins

Just a little shot of everyone gutting out the pumpkins. Isaac can't decide if he likes it or not!

The finished pumpkins. Isabelle did a cat, with some help!

Brianna and Brenden did the bat all by themselves! And no one lost a finger!

And Victoria did the happy pumpkin