Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Storm Feb. 2010

It all started on February 2 and 3rd 2010! We only got 3-5" but in Maryland that was enough to cancel school. It was a nice warm day after the snow fell and so we all bundled up to go and play out in the snow. This was Isaac's first time that he could actually walk in his snow boots, so it really was his first official time "playing in the snow." He actually loved being out with the kids, and cried when I took him inside. Unlike the snow storm in December, this one was a wetter one, which made it easier to make snowmen.

Here's Isaac trying to decide if he can walk on this crazy white stuff!

Isabelle and Victoria made this cute little snowman :)

Brianna and Brenden made this snow thing, I have no idea what it was, but they were proud of it!

Isabelle and Isaac playing in the snow.

I made them all stop playing and let me take a picture.

On Friday Feb. 5th and Saturday Feb. 6th, the BIG snow storm came! They were calling for 20 to 30" of snow. We were pretty excited. Some people in Maryland were freaking out, they don't know how to deal with the snow! :) The flakes started to fall around 6:00p.m. on Friday night. It took awhile for them to start sticking, but they finally started sticking around 8:00. We were constantly looking out the window to make sure it was still snowing. It snowed all night Friday night, and continued most of the day on Saturday. I think it finally stopped snowing Saturday around 5:00. I think we ended up with about 24 to 28 inches. It is really heavy snow, great for building and playing in. Not so fun to shovel. Gene was out shoveling for 3 1/2 hours on Sunday. I watched him from the front window! We only have one shovel, so I couldn't help. But all the neighbors got together and helped each other out!!
Here is Isabelle on our front porch, at this time it was still snowing! I took this picture through the front window, b/c I was to much of a wimp to go out at this point. The wind did blow through most of the snow storm, in fact we not only had a winter storm warning, but we also had a blizzard warning b/c of the high winds.
Brenden, Brianna, and Isabelle playing out in the snow, before the storm was over!
Here is Isabelle in the middle of the snow, notice the snow is almost up to her bum! :)
These next pictures are taken two days after the snow storm. Sunday everyone spent the day shoveling out, so on Monday I took Isaac out to check out the snow. Plus I wanted to see how high the snow was. So I took a whole bunch of pictures for those of you who aren't in Maryland so that you picture how much snow we got!
These pictures are the exact amount of snow!! They aren't what has been piled up b/c of shoveling.
From the street you can barely see the top of his head above the snow! :)

Brianna, Brenden, and Isaac on a mound of snow, and if you close enough behind them is a car that is buried in snow. This is pretty much what most of our street looks like!

Victoria, Brianna, Isabelle, Amy, and Isaac in front of another car buried in snow! I don't think they are going anywhere for a while! :-) I'm glad we weren't parked on the street!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

YES! Christmas did come to our house! :-)

This posting is for you Aimee, now you can quit bugging me about updating my blog! ;) Christmas really did happen at our house, it has just taken me a month and a half to get it on our blog! We had a good Christmas, we just stayed in Maryland and had Gene's parents come to our house. We were lucky enough to have a white Christmas, that doesn't happen much here on the east coast! Next year we hope to spend Christmas in Utah!!!!

Here are the kids sporting their new Christmas PJs
I don't have many other pics of Tori on Christmas morning so I thought I would throw this one in of her opening her pajamas on Christmas Eve. The girls showing off there jammiesThe boys! Brenden is always happy to have a brother around!

Isaac showing off like he always does!

Brenden got his real NFL football just like he wanted!! Now I just have to stop him from throwing it in the house!!

Gene got me a snuggie, and I love it!!

Isabelle in another pair of pajamas, and these ones came with matching pjs for her baby

Isaac is kissing the baby on the book! It is his baby book that I made for him!

This is the rocking horse that santa brought Isaac, he isn't quite sure what to think of it.It didn't take Isaac long to learn how to rip the paper. Next year we might be in a little bit of trouble with presents under the tree before Christmas.

I finally made Isabelle a baby book!! She has been begging me to do it for quite sometime, and I finally got one together for her this year. I still have a lot more to do for her. Luckily I found this great deal through photoworks that the first 25,000 people to make a book got it free! I got two, one for Isaac, and one for Isabelle! Actually I did 3 b/c I made one for my mother in law! :) I love a good deal!!!