Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabelle

Once again I am behind on my posts! :) Isabelle turned 7 on February 24th, I can't believe she will get baptized next year. She is growing up too fast, I want her to slow down and be my little girl!! This year Isabelle wasn't suppose to get a friends party, but this great couple from church do a magic show, and they wanted to give Isabelle a magic show birthday party. Isabelle is one of their biggest fans. The best part about this birthday party was that it wasn't held at our house, we did it at the church. It was a really fun party. I don't think we are going to be able to do better, so maybe we should stop having b-day parties now! ;)

Uncle Nate and Aunt Katie gave her skittles and $5.00. After Isabelle opened she sang the "five dollar foot long" and decided she could go buy a subway. I think she watches too much tv!!

Next presents from mom and dad. This is a furreal pet. She really wants a real dog, but that isn't happening, so this will have to do!

This is here prebirthday party cake, so we decided to do brownies, b/c they are fast, easy, and yummy!

The Birthday party!!! We had a ton of kids turn out! It was fun and crazy all at the same time. The kids kicked balloons around until everyone got there, so we could start the magic show. Notice, Isabelle is a head or two shorter than all of her friends! :)

Cousins!!! What would a birthday party be without your cousins. These two are the best of friends, it is so cute to see them play together.

The older kids goofing off! I am afraid of what trouble they caused while I was taking care of the birthday party.

Here are all the kids sitting waiting for the magic show to begin!

Here is the magician and his first helper Jayden.

Towards the end of the show he called on Isabelle to be a helper!

They even had a special magic hat for the birthday girl! I am bummed b/c the color is bad in some of these pictures!!

Thanks to our great magician and his lovely assistant Pookie!!! :D

Here is the birthday party cake. We decided a rabbit fit the theme well. This year I decided to try a cupcake cake. I figured it would be easier to serve, and it was. I have to say I was pretty impressed at our finished product. Thanks to my awesome husband for helping!!

Isabelle blowing out the candles! And then we opened the presents and finished up!!