Friday, November 14, 2008

Isaac talks.........sortof!!

Isaac is at afun stage right now, he is starting to talk, and we all love playing with him!!! I tried to get a video of him today, but he HATES the camera! Here is what I got today, and I will try and get a better one of him when the kids are around to talk and play with him. ENJOY, we are!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Things We Put our Kids Through Just to Get A Little Candy! (You know that's what it's all about.. Admit it!)

A devilish angel, her sidekick chipmunk, a mermaid and her friend...the bumble bee.

Can you say PRE-TEEN?!?!
You should see his Alvin 'moves'!
Taking applications for Prince Eric!
Seriously... what have I gotten myself into?
Not that there can ever really be TOO much candy in the Summers' home but we have enough to make Wonka envious! It was a fun night - great weather - walking around the neighborhood with our friends.