Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter morn/day and spring break downtown DC!!

Easter was just Easter this year, nothing too exciting! Although the Easter bunny did bring lots of candy to our house, and if you know us, we LOVE candy! We had a fun Easter egg hunt in the morning, luckily church isn't until 1:00. That evening we had Gene's parents over for Easter dinner. I miss the Munns Easter celebration, they never did the "nice" Easter dinner, we went up on the "hill" and rolled eggs down the mountain and roasted hot dogs over the fire for dinner. I prefer that over the ham, and rolls and all the dishes that come with a nice dinner.

Isabelle Easter morning, checking out all of her loot!! :)

Brenden stops checking out his stuff to give the camera half of a smile!

Tori is only half awake in this picture and would probably kill me if she knew I posted it on the blog! Good thing her "boyfriend" doesn't know our blog address!! :D

Isaac had to wait until after church to see what the Easter bunny brought him, b/c he slept through most of Easter morning!

Here they all are ready for church, the picture didn't turn out too good b/c I was doing it on my own, Gene had already left to go sing at another church before our church, and Isaac loves shadows, so he wouldn't look at me, just my shadow!

Easter weekend was also our spring break. We didn't have a lot planned, but the Monday after Easter we went into Washington DC in hopes of seeing some cherry blossoms. Unfortunately it was a very windy and rainy spring so most of the cherry blossoms had been blown off the trees. We did however luck out and get some nice weather which makes it nicer to walk around and see the sites, and play some frisbee. We even sat on a blanket and had hot dogs and pretzels.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

Like most families at this time of year, we colored Easter eggs the day before Easter. It is getting easier with the kids getting older. Of coarse Brenden did manage to spill a whole cup of dye all over the table, chair, and floor. Luckily everyone else was done and so it was a little easier to clean up. Isabelle didn't like to use the dipper that they give you to dip your egg into the dye. She said "my egg will fall off and I don't want all of my eggs to be one color, I want them to have different colors on them!" Wait until you see the pictures of her fingers. They were BLACK by the time we finished. Gene was worried about how we were going to get them clean for Easter Sunday. I did manage to get most of it off, with a little fingernail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and sanitizer. Sadly enough, the sanitizer was what got most of it off!! A little scary, but it worked!!! :)
Man can you see the excitement in Tori's face?!?! This is how exciting it is when you become a tween! :) Really she had fun doing it, she just takes it a little more serious now. She was happy that I didn't make them dye eggs in their underwear this year, instead I let them wear old tee shirts! Dang I am a nice mom!!
This is Isabelle's fingers after dying a couple eggs
We had our neighbor Brianna come over and dye eggs with us. Brenden is always cool in everything he does, even if it is just dying eggs!!
This is how Isabelle dyed all the eggs!! See her fingers bathing in the dye! She can be so bullheaded sometimes. I even tried letting her use a spoon, but that didn't do what she wanted it to do! BTW Nate that is me in the background making a Denver Broncos egg!! :)
Here are her fingers closer to the end of dying eggs. She still managed to get them darker than that......................................amazing!