Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's play ball!!

The ball field has been our lives for the past 3 months, but I have been slow on doing a post about it! Isabelle and Brenden are both playing. This is Isabelle's second year in tee ball, and Brenden just moved up to kid pitch. We spend most of our nights and Saturdays at the fields, but it is fun to see the kids doing something they love. In tee ball the kids have 5 chances to hit off a coach pitching to them, and if they don't hit then they have to use the tee to hit. Isabelle will proudly tell you that she has only had to use the tee once this season! :) Brenden was picked to be one of the pitchers this year. At first I wasn't sure I was happy about it, but he has ended up being one of the better pitchers on the team. Brenden is a lot of fun to watch play ball, it reminds me of when we used to go watch my brother play. Brenden has had some great diving catches, and has done a good job pitching. He struggled at first with hitting off a kid pitching, mostly because he was scared they were going to hit him with the ball!!! LOL I told him I would pitch to him for practice and he would get used to getting hit with the ball. He has overcome his fear now and is back to being a good hitter, and he is loving the fact that they can steel bases this year.

Here is Isabelle suited up to play catcher. I love it when she plays catcher, the equipment is bigger than her!! :)
A closeup of Isabelle in the catchers gear.

Here is Isaac watching one of the games. I think he thinks this is his second home. I am soo glad he hasn't started crawling yet, it makes ballgames much easier.

Isaac and I go and cause problems in the dugout every once in awhile. The girls love to hold him. Isabelle plays basketball and soccer with a lot of the same kids, so they have known Isaac since he was born.

Here's Brenden getting ready to pitch! His team is the Florida Marlins. Each year the kids get to be a major league baseball team. Last year Brenden was the Yankees and it about killed us to wear Yankee colors.

I didn't have many pictures of Brenden so I decided to put in another pitching picture!

Here's Isabelle getting ready to bat, and yes she has a pink batting helmet and a pink glove, thanks to her Nanny. Her dad wasn't going to invest in pink stuff!! LOL

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids pictures 2009

So we finally did it, we went to JC penney and got the kids pictures taken!!! It is always an experience, especially now that we have four kids. We did luck out this time and instead of getting some high school student for the "photographer" we did get a guy who seemed to have little more experience. I probably shouldn't complain b/c you get what you pay for! We never buy school pictures, we prefer to go and get them done where I can pick the pose that I want to buy! :) However when Victoria brought her school pictures home they were really good, so we decided to break down and buy them. SO I don't have an individual of her b/c my scanner isn't working and I couldn't scan in her picture, that is why I posted the group picture of the kids. I actually don't like that picture of them so I didn't buy any of them. The "professional photographer" only took two pictures of the kids, and neither of them turned out. I really don't know how anyone could expect to take two shots of 4 kids and expect to have a good one!! Besides it's digital, take all you want, there's nothing to lose! LOL Anyway here are a few of what we got!

All the kids, notice Tori's nice look, she begged us not to buy this pose, and of course we didn't!! Middle school is such a fun age ;) bring on the hormones!!!!

Isaac 7 months old, this is an odd age to get pictures done but I have been really bad about getting him in to do professional pictures so I guess 7 months is better than nothing!! :)

Brenden 9 1/2 years old!! Isn't he sooo cool!! LOL His friends are currently trying to pay him $10 if he will kiss his girlfriend! LOL

Isabelle 6 years old, and full of spice. She kicked a kid b/c he tried to kiss her! :) Her dad is very proud of her!