Monday, October 26, 2009

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The last days at the cabin!

Meal time!!! It is always interesting at meal time especially when you are feeding 18 kids and 12 adults. The cabin had this great big table outside and it was perfect for everyone to eat at. The kids loved it b/c they got to be outside eating. The adults loved it b/c it made for less mess in the inside. It really was a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect. Each family took there turn cooking so that made it a little easier on everyone, unless it was your turn to cook! ;)

Brenden, Nolan and Cody, eating and talking! We are just glad they aren't throwing food!!

Isaac and Isabelle eating breakfast in their pajamas

The whole crew. Now that's a lot of kids!!!!!

Rebecca, Victoria, Rylee and Haylee

Here's another pic. of the whole gang, from the other end of the table.

Katie had here birthday while we were up at the cabin. So we celebrated it with the girls tubing down the river. I don't have pictures of that, but I wish I did. It was a little bit of a rough ride, and the second time we went down my mom got caught in the undertow and melissa had to drag her back up on the tube. Apparently when my mom got on the tube she noticed that the top of her swimsuit had fallen off!!! LOL She pulled it back up as fast as you can while riding a tube down the river!! She will probably kill me for telling that story, but it is just to funny not to share. After tubing and dutch oven dinner we sat by the fire and played big booty, and sang to Katie and had cake!! Lots of fun!!!!!
Katie and her birthday cake
Gene, me and Victoria by the fire.

Brenden and Nolan half asleep, but hanging in there!
Carson, Brenden, Cody, and Nolan playing in the fire, like all boys do!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lava hotsprings family reunion

July 22nd-26th the Munns family went to a cabin in Idaho for our first ever family reunion. It was the first time me and my brother and sisters were all together since December 2004 (I think)!! It was a lot of craziness, but mostly a lot of fun. We had 18 grand kids and 12 adults. We all stayed in one cabin, except for Amber and Brooks, and they brought up their trailer to stay in. On the second day of our reunion we went to lava hotsprings for a day of swimming. Luckily my mom grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures. Here is what we have captured in pictures.

Gene, Isaac, Karl, Zach, Megan, Nathan, and Isabelle, hanging around.

Here's Megan, I am sure she is trying to find all 6 of her children. :)

Some of the guys got brave and jumped off the highest platform diving board. This is Brooks
Gene and Karl discussing who is going to be the first to go?!?! :D

Nate jumping, I think he might have peed himself! ;)

Amber and Maggie Jo hanging out in the water

Brenden climbing out of the bottom of the BIG slide. All the kids that were tall enough to go on the slide did. They are really steep slides too!!

Amy, Isaac, and Isabelle hanging out in the water. Isabelle was like a little fish, we couldn't get her out of the water!

Katie and Dylan. We had so much fun talking and hanging out, it was great!

Isabelle and Rebecca, they look so much alike you would think that they were twins!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dylan's hairdo and Isaac's first haircut

I'm still catching up, but someday I will be caught up!!! :D While we were in Utah Gene convinced me that it was time for Isaac's first haircut. It actually worked out perfect b/c our good friend Maurie has given all the rest of the kids their first haircuts. We went and spent the day with Bruce and Maurie, but unfortunately the only pictures I got were of Isaac's haircut. He sat on my lap and was very good, he didn't even cry. Maurie didn't allow us to have her in any of the pictures, so all you can see is her hands. He looked so big after his hair cut it made me sad. But no worries his hair is all grown out again, and he is currently sporting the cutest mullet you have ever seen!!! LOL :)

Isaac's sporting his new haircut, isn't he handsome!!
My brother Nathan's little boy is 3 1/2 months older than Isaac, and has tons of hair. Ever since I have seen this cute kid I have wanted to put a pony tail in his hair!! One day when we were in Utah, Katie had to go get her haircut, so I got to watch her kids. As soon as she left I got out the hair stuff and started on Dylan's hair. I couldn't resist getting pictures of it! I sent my brother pictures via text message. He wasn't happy with what I had done to his kid, but he was still in Nevada, so he couldn't do anything about it!! It's great being an aunt!!

Dylan sporting pig tails

And here he is sporting one ponytail. Personally I like the pigtails better! :)