Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Timing and Happy B-day Isabelle!!!!!!

I was origanally going to wait until after tonight to blog about this but we had a change in plans after last night!! I will explain.......... Tuesday Isabelle turned 6 years old, I can hardly believe that my baby girl is 6!! We had a small get together Tuesday night with a couple of our neighbors and our little family, to celebrate Isabelle's birthday with cake, ice cream, and of course presents. It was really fun and we are so glad to have such great neighbors. Isabelle got plenty of gifts, and I think she had a pretty good birthday! This year we told Isabelle she could have a kids b-day party. We have stopped letting the kids have a party every year and now we just do one every other year, or longer if I can get away with it!! :) So Friday February 27 from 6p.m.-8p.m. was the plan for the kids party. The theme is Hello Kitty per Isabelle's request! SO all day yesterday and late into the night last night Gene and I got the house and the food ready for the party. We made and decorated the cake, filled the goody bags, hung streamers of hello kitty, blew up hello kitty balloons, you know the works. At about 11:45p.m. Gene is finishing drawing a big hello kitty face so that we can play pin the bow on hello kitty. As he finishes the drawing, we hear coughing from Isabelle's room, and followed by the coughing is throwing up! YEP Isabelle is in her room throwing up!! AAHHHH Needless to say it continued through out the night and we are moving the party to Friday, March 6th!! I still haven't figured out what to do with the cake that is currently decorated and sitting in my freezer, I don't think that I dare try to keep it frozen until next Friday.........DO I???? No I am sure we will do another one for next week. Any way here are a few pictures from her actual birthday. When we have the party I will take more pics and post them too!! Happy Birthday Isabelle, we love having you in our family!!

This is the cake that is currently in my freezer, I am sure next weeks will look the same! :)

Isabelle getting ready to blow out her candles. We actually made brownies for this party

Check out the loot and the neighbors brought even more presents!!! It's tough being a kid! ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Isaac and Amy go to Utah

The end of January me and Isaac got to fly to Utah, so that Isaac could meet the family. We also go to meet Nate and Katie's newest Dylan and Amber and Brook's new baby Maggie Jo. Dylan was born in May of 2008 and Maggie Jo was born January 8th, '09. We only got to go for a week, so we were limited on how many people we got to see, but we were glad to have the short visit and see the family and friends we did get to see. The other kids were sad that they weren't able to go. They love Utah, and seeing family. But hopefully this summer we all will be coming to Utah for a big family get together!! Here are a few pictures of our visit.

Isaac testing Maggie jo's bumbo chair

Left to right: Katie and Dylan, Becky, Grandma great, and Daniel (becky's baby) Amber and Maggie, Amy and Isaac

Isaac sporting the new hat grandma great had made for him!! LOL

Dylan and Isaac taking a bath in grandma's sink

Isaac and Grandma great

Grandpa great, Dylan Munns and Isaac Summers

Dylan and Isaac chillin!!! :) Cute boys

Grandma with Isaac and Maggie Jo

Maggie Jo and Isaac
I had a picture of Isaac hugging maggie, but it looked like he was wrestling her and I thought that Brooks might not like that one so I didn't post it!! ;) Brooks is just a little over protective with his little girl. She totally has him wrapped!!