Monday, March 30, 2009

Real boys can run in heels!!! That's my boy!! :)

A few families in the neighborhood got together for a birthday party this weekend. As the adults were sitting around talking the kids surprised us by all dressing up in our dress up clothes! After that they decided to go outside and do a parade down the sidewalk so everyone could see them. The best part was when we looked out and my rough tough ball playing boy was in my prom shoes (high heels) attempting to run up and down the sidewalk. LOL I had Gene get the camera so we could get it on video, it is going to be great bribery later in life. It isn't the greatest video and you are going to have to tilt your head to the side a couple times during the video, but it is funny!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bragging moment for the mom!!! :)

So Isabelle was asked to give a talk last week in primary. Thank heavens for late church because of course I forgot! :) So I get up and start writing the talk and then have Isabelle come help me finish it with some of her own words. Then I think to myself, this has some really big words in it I better read it over with her a couple of times so that she can be able to get through the whole talk. At this point I am planning on standing up with her and helping her give the talk. I will let her read her "word wall words" and then I will help her with the rest. So I print out the talk and we sit together on the couch to review it. And what do you know Isabelle reads almost every word, by herself!! She was so excited to give the talk that she practiced it ALL afternoon. When it was time for church she informed me that she would like to do the talk all by herself and I can sit on the front row just in case she needs help. So she got up when it was time and she stood at the little podium and she gave the talk, all by herself!! I am soooo proud of her!! I can't believe what a good reader she is! :) I will post the talk, so you can see what she stood up and read! Sorry as a mom I have the right to brag every once in awhile!!

Here's her talk:

I will obey my parents.
Heavenly Father wants parents to teach their children the commandments. This is a great responsibility for our parents.
As children, each of us have responsibilities too. Heavenly Father has said: "Honor thy Father and thy Mother." This is one of the ten commandments.There are many ways to honor our parents, we honor them when we show them love. One way to show them love is by being helpful. There are many ways that we can be helpful to our parents. I like to help my mom with baby Isaac. I give Isaac his toys when he is sad. I like to help clean the house. I like to clean my room.
I can help my daddy by picking up the back yard.

I like to obey my parents.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Six year old birthday party!!!

It finally happened on Friday, March 6th we had 7 six year olds come to our house!! It was quite the party. The girls would run around and scream that lovely high pitch six year old scream and the boys would just run around. We did have some organization to the whole craziness!! We ate pizza, played musical pillows ( we had to use pillows because we didn't have enough chairs, but it was probably better and safer!!), and then we played pin the bow on Hello Kitty!! Of coarse we finished the party off with cake and ice cream, opening presents and a pinata!! What more could a kid ask for. At the end of the party Gene and I looked at each other and decided that every other year isn't enough space between kid birthday parties. It was a lot of fun, but there was also a lot of craziness too! :) I called my little sister Amber and gave her some advice since she just started having kids, I told her to start off on the right foot and only do birthday parties every 4 years!!

Here are all the kids finishing up with their pizza, and getting ready to go run around!!

This little boy decided to put the move on Isabelle as he got his picture taken with her! LOL

Hello Kitty after we got done with the game

Isabelle pinning her bow on hello kitty and her friends are on the side cheering for her.

Monday, March 2, 2009

He Loves to laugh!!!!

Isaac is a very smiley baby and we love to make him smile and laugh. He has the greatest belly laugh that is very contagious. He is also very ticklish, whenever I am getting him dressed and my fingers go down his sides or close to his armpits he squirms and laughs, it is great!! :) I attempted to capture one of his laughing moments on video. It isn't his best laugh, but it is still cute! We love our little Isaac!!