Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While Victoria was playing in Florida with the neighbors, Gene and I decided to take the other kids and do a few fun things! On Friday, June 12th it was Mormon night at Camden yards, home of the Orioles. Mormon night means all Mormons get into the game for just $6.00. So we packed some treats got dressed in our Orioles wear and headed to the game. Of coarse we were all excited, but we have also been spoiled by some great seats Gene can get through one of his work contacts and we knew with these tickets we would not be so close. It was Isaac's first time going to MLB game and I was hoping he would do good, and he did! Unfortunately it wasn't the best game for the O's, but still worth going to the game. It was perfect weather which always makes it nicer. I also got to see my boyfriends Nick and Brian, Nick plays right field, and Brian is the O's second baseman! LOL Anyway it was a fun night at the ball field, everyone had a good time, and it was floppy hat night, so we got a few free Orioles floppy hats.

Here is a picture of one of my boyfriends Nick Markakis! I tried to get Gene to name Isaac Nick, but he refused to name our child after an athlete that I thought was cute! :)

This picture here is Brian Roberts, he is only a year younger than me so there is always hope with him! ;) He is Brenden's favorite baseball player! I couldn't find a really go picture of him, so this one will have to do!

How could you not love this crew here. Aren't they the cutest O's fans you have ever seen!!

Brenden taking care of Isaac. He is such a good big brother and he can't wait until Isaac is big enough to play sports!!

Isaac at his first O's game sporting one of our free floppy hats!! :) He is also sporting something orange that he ate for dinner on the corner of his mouth, at least he stayed with the color scheme! LOL

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Victoria turns 12!!! WOW

I can hardly believe that Tori turned 12 this year. She has finished her first year of middle school and now she is going to be going to Young Womens! I am soo young I just don't see how it is possible that I have a 12 year old! :) We do have a theme going on this year with the kids birthdays, and the theme is........ see how sick you can get on your birthday. Victoria did a good job at carrying on this tradition that Isabelle started and was throwing up, coughing and sneezing on her birthday! NO FUN poor girl. We did a family birthday get together the day before her birthday, and then we had to wait until the day after her birthday to do cake and ice cream with friends! Victoria had a fun surprise for her birthday that she didn't get to find out until two days after. Our neighbor surprised Victoris and took her and Alexis (her daughter) to Florida to visit Disney world, Universal studios etc. They left on June 10th and won't be back until June 20th. I have gotten a lot of pictures from them and Tori is good to call every morning and sometimes at night depending on how tired she is. Isabelle and Brenden have been very good not to be jealous of her. They have even admitted to missing her, and I think Victoria is a little homesick. Victoria will return from Florida and be home two days and then she will leave to Young Women's camp and on a trek. I am a leader in Young Women's but b/c Isaac is so young, I am not going to camp this year. After Tori gets home from camp she will have two days and the we are packing up and going to Utah for 3 weeks. It will be a crazy busy summer for her!! I am so proud of Victoria and her accomplishments! She is wonderful big sister, and a great example to her siblings. She does well in school, and gets excellent grades (she doesn't get that from me)! I am proud of the young women she has grown into, and the values she has. She is a good example to her friends and is good to stand for what she believes! She has always been strong willed, but I now believe b/c of this she is going to go far in life!! We love you Victoria!! And remember just b/c you will be a teenager next year, it doesn't mean you have to act like one!!! :)

Alexis (this is who tori went to Florida with), Brenden, Tori, and Isabelle!!
We decided she didn't need a character cake this year, so we just let her pick out the flavor and we wrote her name on it! :)

So we could keep the sickness from spreading we cut a big piece of cake for Victoria and put candles on it, so when she blew out the candles it didn't get her sickness on the whole cake!! :D

She still wasn't feeling a 100% good this day, but by the next day she was feeling much better!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day!!

Sorry there are a lot of pictures, but I took a lot that day and I had a hard time not posting most of them! :) Memorial day weekend was filled with nice weather, no baseball games, and lots of family time. Saturday we did a lot of cleaning and playing at home. Monday we packed a picnic lunch and headed to one of our favorite parks that has a lot of play equipment, a baseball field, a soccer field and a basketball hoop. It hardly ever has any people there so you pretty much get the park to yourself most of the time. We had a great time and had great weather to go with it!!

Here's Brenden playing ball, that is his life! He walks around with his mitt on and a ball most of the time, even when he is in the house. Check out those muscles in his arms!! :)
I told Gene to make sure to get a picture of Victoria so I could have one to post on the web page, so he got this one with her posing, I meant for him to get an action shot! LOL

Isaac swinging in the baby swing for his first time! Isabelle couldn't wait to put him in!

Isabelle taking Isaac down the slide for his first time!! She is such a good helper with him.

Isabelle up to bat. She loves baseball ALMOST as much as Brenden. I love having a little tom boy, I am hoping with her being a tom boy that will eliminate some of the drama. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

Isaac got tired enough that he took a little nap cuddled up with me, under the trees!!

This is Tori's favorite thing to do at the park, swing!! She does it pretty much the whole time she is at the park! That is why this park is her favorite b/c it has the "big" swings!

Isabelle loves these things, not me it almost makes me sick just looking at them going around!
Me and Isaac swinging, this is his first time on the swings and he loved it, he was laughing the whole time. Gene took a video of it, but it could make you sick watching it, so I decided not to post it!!

Isaac with big smiles while he is in his stroller. He is such a happy baby!

Brenden being goofy up on the monkey bars. The kid is such a ham!! He gets it from his dad!!