Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids pics Summer '09

This has to be one of the hardest post I have done. While we were in Utah my friend Aimee introduced me to her friend Angie. Angie has a hobby/side business of taking pictures, and she does a dang good job!!! So me, Aimee and Angie went up to Sherwood hills up sardine canyon and Angie spent a good couple of hours taking pictures of the kids!! It was sooo fun and the kids did a good job, and Angie did a GREAT job!! My only regret is that Gene wasn't there so we couldn't get family pictures. The hardest part about this posting was trying to decide what pictures to post. I love almost everyone of the pictures, and it has taken me a good hour and a half to decide on a few to post. I am not going to put any captions with the pictures b/c if you don't know my kids names and faces, then you shouldn't be reading my blog!! :) I did get a couple of pictures with just me and the kids, unfortunately I wasn't planning on doing that so I am in crappy clothes and my hair isn't done! :( Thanks Angie for taking the time to do this for us, I can hardly wait for our next trip to Utah to get more pictures done!! WARNING there are a lot of pictures on this post!! :D


Friday, August 28, 2009

The 3rd and 4th of July

So in Logan they have the fireworks on the 3rd of July instead of the 4th. I have never figured out why they do that, but who cares. We got to spend the afternoon, and evening with my good friend Aimee. We went to her work party with her, it was held at the Logan pool. It was really warm water, so it was lots of fun to swim in and you didn't get cold. In fact it was so warm I could have stayed in it all day and night. After playing at the pool we headed to watch fireworks on the lawn in front of her place of employment. Thanks Aimee for a fun day and night, and for the free ice cream, and free swimming and the free glow sticks!!! LOL

It was so warm even Isaac liked it!
This was my attempt to get Isaac's picture while watching his first fireworks, as you can see it didn't work! :)

For the 4th of July we headed out to Howell with my sister Melissa and her kids, and Brooks, Amber and Maggie. Brooks took all of us boating!! It was a blast. The kids got to boat, swim, ride the tube, and whatever other crazy ideas they came up with. Uncle Brooks is all about doing crazy stunts, but we love him anyway! :) Thanks Brooks and Amber for sharing the boat with us!!

Brenden has become too brave and did all sorts of tricks in and out of the water. I think Brooks is rubbing off on him! I can't decide weather that is a good or a bad thing

Victoria and Rylee eating some snacks and enjoying the shade

Maggie and Isaac enjoying the shade and eating rocks

Garrett and Brenden taking a break from their craziness.

Reagan, Rylee, and Victoria on the boat with Brandon.

Tori hanging out on the boat!! Who knows what she is doing!! ;)

Isabelle driving the boat, she thinks Uncle Brooks is the coolest!

Isaac loved the boat, it rocked him to sleep, and he took a good two hour nap!!! It was great!

After boating we went to hang out at the city center in Howell. We roasted hot dogs, and made hobo dinners and of coarse for dessert we roasted marshmellows. Mom and Jerry met us at the park for dinner and fireworks. We lit our own fireworks and I am happy to say that we didn't start anyone or anything on fire. With my family that is something that we are good at doing, so it is always a good 4th when nothing but the fireworks start on fire!!! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's the situation! :)

I really haven't forgotten about our blog it is just that we have been busy all summer, and then when we got home from vacationing in Utah my computer wasn't working well. So I have a new computer now, but I have no pictures on the computer, and I think a blog is boring without pictures. I do have some great pictures from Utah that I can't wait to blog about, and Brenden turned 10 the first of this month and Isaac turns one in a week and a half. Plus I have to get the CD from my lovely husband that has all these really cute pictures of our kids that this really nice person took!! All that just to say be patient I promise I will update my blog soon!!