Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME!!!

For my Christmas/Birthday present this year I got tickets to Reba and Kelly concert.

This is me (kind of) with Reba in the back!! :)

Anybody that has known me for a long time knows that Reba is one of my FAVORITE singers. My in laws suprised me with this gift the end of October. They would've waited longer, but they were afraid I was going to buy tickets. The best part is that we were sitting four rows back on the floor!!! HOLY COW!!!

Gene and I went to the concert on Nov. 22, and it was great, well atleast Reba was!! I was star struck!! It was great to be that close to someone I have admired for a long time!!

Kelly was just ok! She needs to take some lessons from Reba, like how to dress and other stuff!! Seriously I think Kelly looked like she had gotten out of bed and came to the concert, I don't know why she is paying people to do her hair and makeup!! Reba looked great, I hope that I look that good when I am as old as her! The night was great!!! Thanks Mom and Dad Summers it was a awesome experience!

Sorry I didn't take time to edit the pics, so they are a little dark!


Heather said...

Hey! Good job finally getting this posted. And I like your background. ;-)

Cory and Shelley Vause said...

Wow, that's sounds like it was so much fun!!! I keep hinting to Cory that he needs to buy me concert tickets for Christmas. Of course there really isn't anyone exciting coming to Seattle, so maybe I'll have to wait until Carrie Underwood comes back! I'm glad you had a fun night out with your hubby!

Amber said...

How fun, Amy! That would be cool to be that close up, even for Reba! :) Just kidding, I think she is great! ;)

tracey said...

I'm so excited for you that you got to see Reba!! Kelly does look kinda trashy. If I saw her walking downtown I wouldn't have looked twice.
How cool that you got to sit so close too!! What an awesome gift!!