Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ok here is August's recap. You should feel lucky to get it, b/c I really want to give up on blogging! I know try not to cry about it, it will be ok :) So here is a quick update.

Brenden's birthday! He turned 11 on August 2nd. We had a fun day at a water park, and then that weekend we had a family birthday party.

Apparently Justin is worried that Brenden won't be able to blow out all 11 candles

Thank heavens he did it, and in one breath! What an accomplishment

OUR ANNIVERSARY!!! 15 wonderful years, and we still haven't had a fight! HaHaHa On the actual day we went to dinner and shopping. After shopping we stopped at cheesecake factory and got a yummy piece of cheesecake to eat when we got home and got the kids to bed. It's great having a built in baby sitter. At least that is what we think! Tori probably thinks different.

We also went to a redskins football game on the weekend. Our first NFL game!! It was sooo fun, we got there early and did some shopping in the skins shops and then went out the field and watched the teams warm up. We got to hang out by the tunnel and high five the players as they went in and out. It was soo awesome. We had great seats except for the drunk kids next to us!

In the picture above is of course a few of the players, but Gene had to get a picture of Chris Cooley #47 b/c he is an Aggie grad. and he is a Mormon boy. You wouldn't believe how big these guys are in real life.
First day of school. I only put on the group pic. not all of the individuals. This year we have two in middle school and one in grade school. The kids have done good with adjusting to new schools. It's probably been that hardest for Brenden, b/c he had to adjust to a new school and middle school. They have great schools where we moved to, and we love it!

Isaac turned two! :( He is so spoiled! Knowing he is the last is a bad thing. I now know why the youngest is usually a brat! I am watching myself create one. It would be different if I didn't know he was the last, but b/c I know it is different!On his actual b-day we just did brownies and ice cream. He loves to blow out the candles, but what kid doesn't!?

He also loved opening presents. Even though they weren't wrapped, he still ripped up the paper after he took it out of the bag.

For his family b-day we did a Diego party. I cheated this year and didn't make the cake like I usually do. I went and bought Diego to put on the cake. Notice Diego was a little to heavy and he sank into the cake.

And there you go, August in a nutshell!


~ Katie said...

I love it! Thanks for blogging..don't quit yet. I love to see the kiddos! Everyone is so grown up. Isaac is too darn cute! Can't wait to play with you all in a couple of months.

Holly said...

Don't stop blogging. I would cry. For reals.

Amber said...

Amy...I stink...this post is over a year old and I hadn't read it. I had given up on you I guess. :) Let's both do another blog post soon! :)