Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 year anniversary

I meant to do this post on my birthday, but obviously I didn't, so I decided I would do it now. February this year, on my birthday, was the 5 year anniversary of when they found out that I had a brain tumor. I can't believe it has been that long! When I take the time to look back on the many miracles in my life, this one is near or at the top. It was quite a scary time, but thanks to all you great friends and family out there, we made it through, and continue to make it. Today I went to the neurologist to find out that everything continues to go well. It is sad that sometimes we tend to forget about these times in our lives, and the blessings that we have. So as a tribute to my five year anniversary I thought I would try to pull up some pictures of what has happened, or what I looked like each birthday these last five years!! :)

Here I am sporting my lovely staples! I don't remember how many I had. I do remember that when the surgeon came in to ask me if I had any question before surgery, my only question was how much hair they were going to shave off. :)

So here we are the next year, my 30th birthday. We went on a cruise with our good friends Rebecca and Curtis. It was the best 30th birthday present you could get!!

Here we are the four of us! We had a great time together playing cards, soaking up the sun, and eating eating eating!!

For my 31st birthday Gene surprised me and sent me to NYC with Holly and Amber!! It was a blast.

We never did make it out to the real statue of liberty, but we did a lot of shopping and a few tourist things!! It was a blast, no kids and no schedule. Yet another great birthday!!

While we were in NYC we did make it to a show. None of the good shows were at the discount tickets, so we went to one called the drowsy chaperon. Not the greatest of shows, but it did have one awesome actor in it, the one and only Gilbert from Anne of green gables!! ♥♥My first crush♥♥♥♥ You better believe we went to the backstage door and waited to see him. I freaked out and we took a bunch of pictures with him!!

And for my 32nd birthday another miracle happened and I found out that I was pregnant with Isaac. After the brain incident I was told not to have any more children. Isaac wasn't planned but he was a pleasant surprise!

And best of all he was born perfect!!!!

For my 33rd birthday my mom flew me to Utah to meet my newest niece Maggie and My nephew Dylan. And I got to introduce Isaac to the family too!!!

AND for my 34th birthday Maryland had a record breaking snow storm, and the kids and Gene had the week off from school. So I took advantage of having them all home and had myself a birthday week!!! It was great!!

So there you go, that is my last five years, and what a great time we have had!!! It's amazing the way you learn and grow from the trials in your life. Thanks again for the great friends and family that you all are!!!!


Sarah Owens said...

Amy I love I love I love you!!!! And I am so happy that you are still around and you have definitely made my life so much better just being my friend!!!! What on earth would Travis do all day if he didn't have someone giving him a hard time....I can't wait till we are back in MD and can get back to hanging out again!!!

Joe, Katherine, Austin, Annika said...

What a great post, Amy! You truly are a miracle! And many, many more good years to you!

Karl, Meg, and kids said...

I loved it! Made me almost cry to think of it all. I love you so much and I'm glad that thing are going so well. I was just telling Karl that we need to get up to see you guys soon. BTW how did the turkey turn out!


Amber said...

What a great post, Amy! I can't believe it has been five years...that was the craziest, scariest day, and I am so glad you are doing well. You are the best!

tracey said...

So glad you are still here! I still remember the night we got the call and we all fasted and prayed for you. What a miracle you are! Wish we could meet up again sometime. When are you in Utah this year?

~ Katie said...

Thanks for sharing all these last few years. I love happy stories :) Such wonderful blessings. We love ya!!