Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has sprung

Happy Easter!! It has been great spring weather here in Maryland (sorry Utah peeps). We had a good spring break with temperatures in the 70's and 80's. One of the bonuses of having a husband for a teacher is that he gets the week of spring break off!! We did a lot of playing outside, picnics, but not much spring cleaning like we should have......oooops. Easter day was a beautiful day, so the Easter bunny did 3 Easter egg hunts. The first hunt was downstairs and in the eggs were items that would remind us of why we celebrate Easter. The second one was on the main level of the house, and that egg hunt included the eggs that the kids had dyed. And the 3rd egg hunt was outside with plastic eggs full of stuff that the "Easter bunny" spent all night filling!! Thanks to Gene for saving up a huge bowl full of coins, we were able to put a lot of money in the eggs this year. I am sure that is not what he was saving for, but it worked out great.

Isabelle, Brenden, Alexis, and Tori dying eggs

Isabelle checking out the loot in her Easter basket!

Isaac trying to figure out what this basket of stuff is, it didn't take him long to find the candy and figure out what it was!

Here is Brenden being Brenden, he can't take a picture without pulling some kind of weird face!!
When we went hunting for the eggs that the kids dyed, Isaac only had one to find, b/c me being the good mom didn't let him dye any eggs. But I did dye one for him, and when he found it he started sucking on it. Notice the blue mouth!!

Victoria checking out her clothes that she got for Easter. It took us forever to find a skirt that was long enough!!! I can't believe how hard it is to find something decent for a girl this age. It either looks too little girl, or it is really really short!!! We finally found two skirts that were long enough at Kohl's!! YEAH!!!

I made all the kids stop and take quick picture for me!

On the Monday after Easter we decided to go to DC and check out the Cherry blossoms and enjoy the nice weather before we had to get back into our school schedule. So we packed up a lunch, some stuff to play with, found a great park that is by the water, and it had free parking. (free anything is always a nice bonus)
Here is Isaac enjoying some grapes, and getting to play outside. He loves being outside, and he cries every time we bring him inside! I guess that is a good thing since baseball season starts next Saturday and then we will be outside most evenings/nights until the middle of June!!

Victoria and Brenden, again Brenden goofing off because he can't just take a normal picture!

Isabelle and Victoria posing in a cherry tree, notice the cherry blossoms, they were beautiful.

I even got the boys to stop for a picture with the trees

All the kids in front of a couple of the trees. It is always an adventure trying to get all of them to look at the camera!!

I just had to add this picture b/c I thought it was so cute of Isabelle and Brenden! Isabelle climbed the tree all by herself, and Brenden the wimp had his dad put him up there. They had to be careful so they didn't fall out!! LOL


tracey said...

LOVED all the pictures! It is so fun to see the kids all growing up. It's hard to believe! Looks like a great easter. Wish we would have gone to see the cherry blossoms when we were back east. They look so pretty!

Amber said...

So cute! Looks like Isaac is another Summers athlete!

You always do such fun things for Easter!

~ Katie said...

Love all the pictures. I cannot believe how much Isaac has changed.